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BR&L Vulcan Spike Division manufactures 5/8” x 6” prime track spikes for the railroad industry. We supply Class I, Regional, and Short Line Railroads as well as contractors and industrial end users. Our spikes meet AREMA specifications, and our manufacturing process is approved by stringent, independent qualification. Several class I railroads have made recognition of spikes supplied by BR&L as a result of the high standards observed by the company.

The Vulcan Spike quality assurance manual is designed to meet the rigorous AAR M-1003 standard. Identifying marks on each spike also allow for easy traceability assuring our product and processes remain accountable for each and every order.

Maintaining or renewing your spike supply requires rapid response and convenient delivery. Large on-site inventories in Houston and Birmingham mean quick turnarounds and large savings.

BR&L’s Vulcan Spike: the dependable source for your track spike supply.


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