Birmingham Rail & Locomotive

Switch Material

We stock the hard to find switch material for quick repairs to existing turnouts. We also fabricate materials in-house to meet your specific need for quick turnarounds.

  • Switch Point Guard Rails: WCH FM Style, 755B or Design 90 for 75# to 140#, with or without gauge plate.
  • Switch Points: custom made from new, #1 relay rail, in either knife point or Samson point.
  • Switch Point Clips
  • Switch Point Stops
  • Switch Point Security Locks
  • Samson Stock Rails from new or #1 relay rail
  • Rods: Vertical and flat head and back rods for switches with open jaw clips or transit clips, either insulated or non-insulated.
  • Heel Blocks: all rail sizes, drillings in either stationary or floating.
  • Switch Plates Rigid braces and adjustable 811 Wedge or Pandrol design.
  • Gauge Plates: insulated or non-insulated, with rigid braces or Pandrol and Design 811 adjustable braces.
  • Switch Stands: New 51A, 22E, 36E and 36EH stands
  • Switch Stand repair parts
  • Connecting Rods: for all designs of switch stands and varying lengths
  • Switch Point Derails: single or double, complete
  • Hook Twin Turnout Plates for frogs and turnout plates
  • Compromise Bars: New cast and forged for many common and hard to find rail sections

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