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The Birmingham Rail Crane Runway System

BRIDGE THE GAP with the BR&L crane runway system.

The Birmingham Rail crane runway system brings together several key components to provide mechanical joints the capability of increasing crane rail lifespan and reducing vibrations caused by excess wear.

  • Performs similar to welded joints without the high cost.
  • Eliminates vibrations caused by excess wear at standard joints.
  • Mechanical joints are the weak link in every crane runway.
  • Unavoidable gaps appear at the mechanical joint with standard square cuts. Nothing can prevent wear on the rail from repetitive crane wheel strikes at these joints.
  • When excess wear at the joints occur, the entire system weakens.

Valleys and Spanning

Valleys and Spanning

The key to the Birmingham Rail crane runway system begins with a solution for wear at the joints. A 45° miter connection produces a gap free mechanical joint. This will provide a larger bearing surface that expands the metal to metal contact area on top of the rail head. In turn, the improved joint supplies a smooth, strong and bump free transition from rail to rail. As a result, the connection leads to longer rail life and fewer crane service issues directly related to rail joint spanning and separation from the “OLD” standard 90° square end joints.

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